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How To Join The Self-Made Man Society
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If you’re a truly driven man or woman who wants to learn how to start and grow a business…

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And if you want to leave a legacy for the world and your family, then The Self Made Man Society is for you.

The Self Made Man Society is without a doubt, the most valuable information I could possibly share with you after all that I’ve learned over my past 10 years as an entrepreneur…

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So I’d like to give you the opportunity to join the Society today for just $1.00, so you can take it for a risk-free test-drive…

Take the next 14 days to login and join me on our first adventure as we head to Jason’s home office in Wisconsin to see how we’re making over $100,000/Mo in revenue using Facebook advertising.

And then dive into the 2 Hour+ bonus training video I put together for you on the most valuable lessons I’ve learned over the past ten years, while building two companies to $50 Million in combined revenue.

If you absolutely love what you learn when it comes to building a business and building your wealth, you can continue to join me on this adventure as a Society Member for just $47/Mo.

If you implement just ONE strategy, from just ONE lesson, it will be worth an entire year’s membership to you. But don’t take my word for it. Take advantage of this exclusive $1.00 trial, and see for yourself…

If you decide it’s just not right for you for any reason at all, just head over to, and let us know. We’ll refund your $1.00, and and you’ll never be billed again.

– Mike

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Here’s What Other
Students Have To Say…


“Mike has helped me scale my online business from $100,000 per month in revenue, to over $300,000 per month in revenue, and built a growing global team in less than 12 months… He’s the real deal. Study anything you can get your hands on from him.”

Shaqir Hussyin   

Tim Erway

“Brilliant… Prophetic… Bold! That just about sums up everything Mike Dillard puts out. Whether the topic is business, finance, investing or the economy, you’ll find a fresh (and often controversial) perspective that can dramatically shift your thinking and how you approach success and wealth creation.”

Tim Erway   

Tom Wheelwright

“Mike has a facility for making difficult financial concepts come to life in a simple, practical way.  He lives these concepts and passes them on in easy-to-understand stories about how he uses them to better his own life.”

Tom Wheelwright, CPA   

brian Fanale

“Mike Dillard is a genius when it comes to building a profitable business, period. Everything he touches turns to gold. Mike can analyze any business model in any niche, and increase it’s profitability by a factor of 10x. In fact, I built an 8-Figure business following his trainings, philosophies, and principles.”

Brian Fanale   

Curt Maly

“Mike has unequivocally changed my business and my life.  By following Mike’s insights and advice, my business has grown from just a few hundred dollars per month in revenue, into a 7 Figure online business today!
I strongly recommend you follow whatever Mike tells you to do!”

Curt Maly   


“Hi Mike Dillard,
I just want to say THANK YOU for all the no nonsense lessons that you’re sharing to us. I’m proud to say that being a part of your mentoring group has been one of the best investments I ever had in my business.”

Mark Nemuel Agullo   


“I just completed the first “Hangout” with you Mike. Wow, I can already tell this is going to be my #bestyearever Thanks Mike for being an incredible leader in the industry. So excited for what is to come!”

Mark Rojas   


“Mike Dillard you have given me the BIGGEST AH-HA moment of my Life!! Pandora’s Box was opened and I jumped up outta my sleep today….”

Ashley Jackson   


“What an amazing and humbling opportunity your mentoring group is! I just joined two days ago and have learned more in these past two days than I have in the last two years!

I already have three notebooks full of the best tips, strategies and advice. Mike, I have been studying you for the last three years, and you need to know that this Mentoring program has been the best opportunity of yours for me personally. Thank you for over delivering as you always do!”

Bradley Chase   


“Hey Mike, I just wanted to let you know that after reading “How To Come Up With A Million-Dollar Business Idea In Less Than 10 Minutes…”, I decided to put together a social media traffic consulting package to offer to small businesses.

I closed my first client last week, and she is already referring new business! If things keep moving this way, I’ll be free from my current job waiting tables in no time! Thanks again!”

Sebastian Assaf   


“I was a little apprehensive joining this group since I’d never heard of Mike Dillard, but I thought I could at least try it out and see if it applies. I am blown away by how much value and relevant content there is for me personally. I have been in full beast mode in the last 7 days and have acquired some insane contracts that happened to come out of nowhere. Thank you for providing this place and cultivating a group of dreamers and schemers to succeed!!!”

Judy Thureson   


“WWWwOOOOWWW!!!!! Your training was nothing less than AMAZING Mike… And to think, it only get’s better from here!!!”

Jeremy Barnes   


“Unbelievable training Mike, thank you. I like the integrity part. I believe in integrity so much that is why I followed you for so many years. Thank you again.”

Zofia Mazur   


“Mike has been mentoring me in the entrepreneur space since 2010 and he’s become a dear friend and client as well. Mike is a lid lifter and paradigm shifter. Mike has helped me rewire my beliefs and emotions when it comes to success, abundance, money, and being a conscious entrepreneur. When I first met Mike I was starting over as an entrepreneur in the Real Estate space hungry and humbled. I could hardly pay my bills and one point almost lost my house to foreclosure fast forward to today.

I just had my first month where I profited six figures which had been a big goal for me, made the elite 10 of top performing real estate agents in my firm which has offices in South Lake, Plano, Denver, & Tulsa, in talks to have my own realty tv show around real estate, and working on a $140mil luxury real estate project. I also just picked up my dream car a Shelby Cobra which was a bucket list of mine for a while, have prosperity to invest in cash flow real estate, and money left over to pursue my passions within fitness and travel. My life is completely 180 degrees different with Mike’s mentorship and coaching. Work with Mike – it will be one of the most profound life changing experiences you could ever make!”

Matthew Layman